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About Hotifyme

Hotifyme’s leading edge approach that will take you to strong with confidence for you to become the Queen of Your Expertise by putting your body and mind into shape with TRX, move you the extra notch and still enjoy some healthy naughtiness.  Why is different? 

Join Lenka, for Lenka’s revolutionary TRX body workouts, mindset transformation techniques and a unique TRX for business signature programme that makes you the queen of your expertise, gets you fast and effective results and gets you the strongest body ever.

Lenka’ll be also bringing you hot of the press tips, tricks and products from the latest innovators, pioneers and trailblazers in the world of hotness!

Inside of you is a spirit who knows life should be a journey of happiness, pleasure and pure joy and it’s longing to come out to play! You were born with many gifts and talents and when they are released, you’ll be leading your best life with sure-fire confidence. Through Hotifyme, we will activate all that you are and all that you can be, because you are capable of extraordinary things … all we have to do is switch on that passion, stand back and watch you Hotify!

  • Learn fun, effective and efficient mind and body training techniques that you can do anywhere at any time.
  • Learn how to make yourself fashionably hot by building a personal brand, following your passion and going digital while you are getting into the best shape ever.
  • Learn how to tap into what really matters to you and use it to start living your best life.
  • Get sexy and strong and start living your life with a steel core of unshakeable confidence as you release the true authentic you.

Ready to unleash the power of you and get strong & sexy? Hold on tight … you’re about to get #Hotifyed!

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